Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is blogging for me?

So, this is my first blog attempt and I am not so sure yet as to why I am doing this. I continue to be fascinated with how the world keeps getting smaller. I am in contact with friends and family better than I ever have been in my life - this is so cool!! Anyway, I am going to try to focus on the classical music scene from the perspective of the freelancing musician.

My past week consisted of performing a solo recital, 20 hours of rehearsals (one Mozart opera, one chamber orchestra and one woodwind quintet), and three performances. I also taught 9 one-hour lessons. Not bad for getting back into the season - YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't recommend this much activity on a regular basis - HA. It was sort of nuts but it's like this - you take it when you can get it! There are many weeks in the year when nothing is going on. Thank god for my teaching gig!! Yay TU!!!!

Speaking of TU, I am so proud of my students this year. They really sound like they practiced this summer; I like the fact that they all seem very interested in becoming better musicians. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy them very much. Yay clarinet studio!

So, what I have learned this week. It really paid off that I worked consistently hard this summer - practice does pay off!!! I felt extremely prepared to perform my recital last week. I think that I have improved a notch or two (knock on wood) from this experience! It is amazing to me that I can still get better at playing the "agony stick" - HA!

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