Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some time off .....

Last week was nuts with 4 Aida performances and a chamber music performance at Towson.  The faculty quintet burned up John Harbison's Quintet.  What a monstrous piece it is!  The piece is well-written and, I think pretty idiomatic for each instrument....although horn players might not say so!  The horn is up in the stratosphere quite a bit......Yay JB!

The other piece I played on the program was the premiere of Baltimore composer, Valencio Jackson's song cycle, The Seasons for voice(baritone), clarinet, bassoon and piano.  Beautiful writing...the kind that reaches you inside.  I'm ashamed to try to express my thoughts about this music as words do not come just have to hear it.  Not a seat available in the house, the most appreciative audience extolled a standing ovation at its completion.  I have not seen our Towson students so excited about a performance in a long time.  Bravo Valencio - you've touched our hearts and souls.

Changing the subject, for those of you who play in orchestra/band pits, a word of advice: when someone close to you in the pit is playing a solo, do not move around!!!  Nobody wants to hear you drop caps, reed cases, water bottles, etc.  Your solo-playing colleagues need your support and remaining still is part of that.  Thank you.

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